Friday, January 20, 2012

Can't Get Enough Maps

I often wonder how many maps are too many for one (not-so-big) apartment. I seem to have accumulated quite the collection over the years and yet I find myself  constantly lusting after new ones.

My all-time favorites are the wonderful prints from These Are Things. We have the big world map in aqua in our guest room and the large LA city print by our dining table, in addition to a big old map that Micha's had for ages that graces the wall above our guest bed/couch.

And now I'm conjuring up non-existent wall space to fit (at least) these three as well...

...wouldn't that cute one on the bottom left be perfect for a multinational rugrat (*ahem* Charlie!)? And I have big plans for that chalkboard one. Oh yes, at some point this year, mark my words, I will make it mine!

So what do you think: how many maps are too many? Or is there just no such thing...?

p.s. some other great maps!

Our monochromatic hometown.

A cool look at Beantown, my favorite college city (go Terriers!).

I need a giant pack of these postcards stat.

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