Monday, January 16, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

A fitting accessory for a Berlin bear to hold

Some sunshine at last!

Cozy touches to brighten up our home

My favorite morning routine

Baked goodies

Laundry chaos
Fabulous presents from sister
Finished pieces of a baby present

- It was a stay-at-home kinda weekend and I made the most of it by baking up some delicious American treats: banana bread (Micha hates it so I get it all to myself!) and chocolate chip cookies. I sent half the cookies home with our friend Stefan and the other half I brought to work, since I had already gorged myself on dough. That and I like to suck up to my coworkers every now and then  in order to stay on their good side.

- I don't often miss having a dryer, but when the hamper starts overflowing and we have to do three loads of laundry in a row and then run out of space to hang it up to dry (which, in the winter, takes about 2.5 days), then yeah, I really start to miss the convenience of fluffy, warm, fresh-from-the-dryer laundry... (but look sister, the eyesore ladder got put to use!)

- I honestly cannot pick my favorite of that set of coasters sister sent. They are all! so! AMAZING!!

- So those little knitted squares? They're for a group present that a bunch of us are making for our expecting friends (Germans love to do group presents and surprises for weddings so at this one we went to last year, the MOH whipped up this cute everybody-knit-a-square-for-it blanket plan since the bride was preggo - such a great idea!). I had actually finished knitting the squares about a week after the wedding but then forgot to ever send them to the MOH (oopsie poodles!). So we finally got around to it this weekend (we were supposed to send a picture of ourselves with our squares, too. I generously allowed Micha to pretend take credit for one.). I can't wait to see the finished blanket for their little girl!

- Lastly, I'm jealous of everyone who has Martin Luther King Day off today while I do not. Le sigh...

Oh, and absolutely huge exciting news coming up later today!

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