Monday, January 30, 2012

Micha's Birthday Weekend auf Rügen in Pictures

A long title for a not-long-enough weekend. But it was celebratory and relaxing and gluttonous, nonetheless. So really, pretty darn fabulous.

Birthday breakfast

Birthday champagne, courtesy of the Hotel Hanseatic, which we cannot recommend highly enough. (Whiskey, top right, courtesy of me)

 Not-too-snowy, but oh-so-cold-and-windy beach 

Varied styles of living

The crew: Kerstin, Hendryk, and bday boy Micha

Re-energizing with fish soup and the beer of the righteous

Our villa (the top right corner one)

Boys, a bit skeptical of our candlelight dinner for four

Drinkies (please note Micha's table-decoration-turned-pearl bracelet)

Sellin, where "Kendryk" got married 1.5 years ago

As you probably know by now, we're kind of Rügen addicts. And tend to have the most fun when these two come along. Our goals for the weekend were simple:

-- Celebrate Micha's birthday quietly in one of his favorite settings. Success! We even got a fancy room in the adjacent Villa Fortuna with an extra large lounge area, balcony, and very envy-enducing-sized bathroom. Not to mention, we're such frequent guests that they left a bottle of champage waiting for the birthday boy upon arrival. (As my luck would have it, the bottle pretty much just went to me! Since the boys stuck to whiskey and Kerstin's preggo state doesn't allow for such debauchery.)

-- Enjoy our first real drinkies since December. Choosing to end Alcohol-free January on his birthday every year is like icing on the cake. Actually better, since Micha doesn't even like cake.

-- Sleep entirely too much. We did a lot of relaxing and napping in between breakfast buffets, lunchtime beach walks, and our candlelight dinner. We even all fell asleep at the same time in our lounge chairs at the pool, resulting in us all too closely resembling the groups of old couples around us. Yeah, they know how to live the life.

-- Eat lots and lots of fish. Fischbrötchen and a fantastic (and award-winning! :) red fish soup at this teeny tiny little restaurant near the beach are our all-time favorites. It's also kind of the only place open in winter...

Other than that, I did manage to spill an entire cup of hot coffee all over my stomach and lap at breakfast our first morning (after having packed extra light. Go me.). This following my finger-burning incident of the previous weekend. It appears my self-inflicted injuries habit has shifted gear from cuts to burns. Not sure I like the change...

And how was your weekend?

All photos by Nicole or Micha

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