Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspired By...

 ...lovely inspiration for rooms with high ceilings (I find ours so intimidating to decorate correctly). Although I could never survive with so much white and so few colors, the placement of those hanging lamps is absolutely divine. and quick-to-whip-up little watercolor gift tags, perfect for future care packages.

 Photo and DIY by Sodapop Design

...feminine flower arrangements to bring some color to these gray winter days.

Top photo and styling by Amy Merrick | Bottom photo by paper antler, styling by somewhere splendid 

...some stylish bike lovers in one of my all-time favorite cities. (If only I could remember more from my Finnish classes to fully appreciate the text!)

Photo by Krista Keltanen glasses that would look perfect on my future bar cart.

Photo by Nicole Gerulat, styling by Enjoy Events Co.

...a coffee table to trump all others. Who wants to commission a really awesome birthday present for me...?

Designed by Lisa Finster

Image credits: Living room by Yellows Photography, pinned by Jennifer | Gift tags by Sodapop Design | Red flowers by Amy Merrick via Hey Look | Pink flowers by paper antler, styled by somewhere splendid via Cake. | Helsinki tweed run by Krista Keltanen | Wine glasses by Nicole Gerulat, styled by Enjoy Events Co. | Book table by Lisa Finster via Refinery 29

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  1. I love the floral arrangements! They're great color inspiration as well!