Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Design Inspiration

Can you believe it's already 2012? I really can't. Sometimes I still feel like the years never really clicked for me after 1998--like the ones since were just too futuristic to be real. I mean Terminator 2 took place in 1997 for god's sake! (Does that make any sense to anyone else? Or was Terminator 2 just a pivotal movie for Nicole and me?) But, here we are. I have to say, despite all that, I'm excited for 2012. 2011 was a year full of major ups, major downs, and major changes for me, so I'm hoping for a little bit more stability in 2012.

One thing I'm super inspired to do this year is put my home decorating /organizing skills to use and spice up my home as well as Nicole's. What I'm looking for in my new apartment is: to define separate living room areas and dining room areas in our one main room; to have organized but eye-pleasing shelf storage; to finally frame and hang all those photos and prints I've been meaning to; and to liven up our balcony with lots of color and greenery.

For Nicole, we're focusing on her bedroom. (We tackled the guest room / office as well as the living room when I visited in years past.) As of now, it's more of a storage area than anything else, and we want to make it into a comfortable and pretty bedroom. Adding photos and artwork; boxed storage or a chair next to the dresser to balance an asymmetrical space; working with the functional ladder that has to stay in the room; and also keeping it white and bright is what we hope to accomplish this year.

And what about you? Any organizing / decorating goals for the new year? If so, where do you find your inspiration? I'm always eager to find new sources to stretch my decorating muscles.

Welcome to 2012, everyone!

Image sources: 1. & 2. Bernd's living room & dining room via Apartment Therapy | 3. Minnie Mortimer's organized bookshelf via The Roof Over My Head | 4. Painted bookcase via Erigutt's Flickr | 5. Frame gallery via Young House Love | 6. Colorful balcony for Ikea via Think Decor | 7. Bedroom chair inspiration source not found* pinned by Hanna | 8. Dresser & storage boxes via Klara Kristina's Flickr pinned by Saioa | 9. Turquoise dresser & chair via The Etsy Blog | 10. White ladder, white bedroom source not found* pinned by Morgan

*please comment if you know the sources! 

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