Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Finds

I spent half the weekend fighting off an impending sickness (coughing all night is my favorite), which means I spent half the time indoors and not outside enjoying our magical 80 degree weather. Even though I know pretty much every day from here on out is going to be 80 degrees and sunny, that always bums me out. You know what I mean? I did, however, find some lovely things across the web that brightened up my weekend.

I think this Valentine's Day card is perfection (does anyone else only think of Chandler from Friends saying "Gum would be perfection," when they hear that word? Anyone?). Adorable, simple, and a great lyric from a really great song. I'm sold.

Available at Our Little Words

These colorful flower paintings, and many more, would fit right in in this Miami sunshine, and would be sure to brighten up the dreary New York winter, as well. I love the bright color, the whimsy of the lines, and the imperfect brush strokes. These all add up to such unique and fun paintings, don't you think?

Available by Lulie Wallace

This visual New Year's resolution (this one is "to eat healthy") is just too cute. And how much nicer to look at a pretty picture of a resolution than a dull written/typed list? That'd sure help give me the inspiration to stick to them.

 Styling by Style Cookie

Love love love this simplistic but super functional desk. The chunky wood, the set-in drawers, the way it's partitioned off to, perhaps, create its own little nook even in a busier space. Love it all.

Available at Slow Wood

This hilarious labradoodle print (and many more) that made me laugh out loud this morning. Cause I basically think this is exactly what every fluffy dog is thinking.

Available at Tiny Confessions
Image credits: Valentine's Day card by Summer Allen of Design is Mine available at her Etsy shop | Lulie Wallace paintings via You Are My Fave | New Year's Resolution photograph by Maria Stijger styling by Wenda Torenbosch via Bloesem| Desk by Slow Wood photo by Trendland via Ohhh...Mhhh... | Labradoodle's confession by Christopher Rozzi via

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