Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to a Pretty Awesome Fella

Without getting too bloggy PDA here, I just wanted to take up this little space of the interwebs today to wish my favorite dude on the whole planet the merriest of birthdays!

Even though we're heading off to Rügen for the weekend with a couple friends, as we like to do, to avoid throwing a party (lame, I know!), it doesn't mean we can't virtually celebrate! Here's a little tribute to your awesomeness, that clearly started at a very young age, along with a couple of reasons why I find you so damn fantastic.

You've always been a stylish dresser

You're just oh-so-German

You've always had a classy ride

You're a beach bum at heart

 You make my picture face look normal

Happy birthday, Micha! I'm so glad I found you in a bar four-and-a-half fun-filled years ago!

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