Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Few Things that Made Me Smile This Morning

The kitten that fell onto our balcony at 7:30 this morning and woke us up. (From two floors up! Don't worry, the little guy was a-ok--he just wanted to explore and to be cuddled after.) I was hoping he just wandered into the apartment because he knew we really really want a new kitty. But, sadly for me, he has a family already. It was quite the wake-up call.

This sweet little print that I saw on Etsy and want to hang over my bed. I just love everything about it.

A gorgeous ombre party table with one of my favorite foods--figs. I just love everything in the new Styled., especially all the fig recipes and decor. And if you haven't seen yet, Victoria is now combining Styled. with her blog, A Subtle Revelry, so we can enjoy the beauty of this online mag more often. Love that idea, and I can't wait to feast my eyes on more of her lovely images!

This pillow cracks. me. up. And I want it now.

Image credits: Cute little clumsy kitty by me | "Dream" screen print by Melanie Greenwood | Figs on the table by Alli Michelle, photo by Andrea Dozier | Inspirational pillow available at Dormify

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