Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspired By...

...a wedding so stinking cute and colorful I wish I could live in it.

Design by Meghan Hopkins (the bride!), photos by Christa Kimble

...the hilarious Christoph Niemann's (if his live NYC marathon tweets don't have you doubled over laughing then I'm not sure we can still be friends) über-enviable Berlin abode.

Photo by The Selby

...a fruity twist on a Sunday breakfast staple.

...a fabulously modern chia pet that I think would fit well in our guest room.

Styling by bash,please, photo by charley*star

...a perfect over-the-bed picture that reflects my new bedroom-redecorating motto of "serenity now!"

p.s. More to come soon about the updates Nat and I have in store for my bedroom this month!

Image credits: Colorful wedding by Christa Kimble  for Brooklyn Bride | Niemann's apartment by The Selby | French toast by Young House Love | Succulent head by charley*star, pinned by Holly | Joanna's bedroom by Oh, Darling! Photography for Refinery 29

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