Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Wedding Weekend

I'll just preface this post by letting you know that along with these pictures goes the story of how 15 cents almost ruined our weekend. Intriged yet? Here goes.

As predicted, it did rain the entire weekend long in most of Germany.. But also as predicted, we had a fabulous time at our friend's short and sweet wedding, aside from the 3 hours stuck in rainy traffic, but what can you do? Now, there are few toll roads in Germany, but there does happen to be one on the Autobahn up to Warnemünde, our beach destination last Friday. I, being a non-driver here, was unaware of this. I also never have cash with me (because then I spend it too quickly!). And it just so happened that on this Thursday evening short trip, Micha also had no cash on him. You probably know where I'm going with this.

This is what 160+ km/h on the Autobahn will do to your windshield. I'd say poor buggies, but really, there's no bug on earth that I could actually have sympathy for.

A few kilometers before the toll road, and after having stopped to buy a water bottle (boy would that come back to haunt us), Micha asks me to look up how much the toll is on my phone. After some googling, I find it's 2.90€ (which turns out to be wrong anyways). I gather together his change and my change, along with all the loose change I manage to find in the car, my purse, and our pockets. 2.75€. And not a penny more. I say we should just chance it and go to the toll booth. What's the worst that could happen? But that's not how Germans roll and so we spend the next half hour unsuccessfully trying to locate an ATM. At one point, a gas station attendant even hands Micha a few cents in change and we realize we're one step away from begging.

At long last and about 10km in the wrong direction, we do find an ATM and pull out money for an exorbitantly absurd fee. And the kicker? When we get to the tolll booth, we ask the woman if we could have paid with EC card (European debit card) and she replies so nonchalantly, "Of course!" Needless to say, we didn't talk to each other for the rest of the drive.

Luckily, when we finally arrived in Warnemünde, we were greeted by the most gorgeous of rainbows. It stretched all the way into a complete arc and was simply breathtaking. And our stubborn angry silence was quickly broken.

We got to take a ferry to the ceremony location. The weather already did not look promising.

The lovely location and the gorgeous bride. And groom. :)

Loved the bouquet. And the groom's adorable spunky nephew. He had a big-boy suit and wanted a big-boy glass. Man, was he not ready for that, though, and proceeded to spill and drool juice all over his fancy little suit.

I was so stoked to wear my fun summer wedges, I didn't even care that they were soaked after about two seconds outside.

Oh, the rain. The relentless, neverending rain.

The dinner that night was in a cute French restaurant in Kreuzberg (back in Berlin). Picture perfect, no?

All in all, a great time was had. Let's just not talk about the day after, ok? Congrats once again, Stefan and Andrea!

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  1. I want to see more pictures! i like her bouquet, too. very sweet.