Friday, August 5, 2011

The Tomatoes Need Some Sunshine Too

This rainy July was not the ideal weather situation for our tomatoes. To date, we have eaten just one - and we had to split it! But ohhhhhh man, was it delicious. I can't quite describe it, but they just taste so different from store-bought tomatoes. It makes me really really hope that we get a few more warm, sunny days in August so that all the little guys you see below turn perfectly red and juicy and ready for picking!

 As you can see, we really do have a massive amount of tomato babies. But the unusually chilly July temperatures did nothing to help turn them red.

The basil, however, remains content. Even that hybrid green-red/purple guy.

I feel like ever since I got my fun Ikea balcony lanterns it's been raining (as it is in these pictures even). At least they still look pretty. Plus, now I know that they're not only awesome because they're solar-powered, but also because they withstand storms like champs.

The plants are getting too heavy for their own good, but no one's toppled over yet. (OK, two have--due to wind--but no major damage was done at least.)

Also, I cannot figure out if the stripey ones will turn red or stay green. I really should have kept the seed bag....

Isn't that guy on the left a monster!? Also, the flowers on the right crack me up. They didn't bloom until about mid-July, after they had made to sure grow high enough to reach over the tomato plant they were seated next to. (That was when it wasn't stormy and we could still keep them on the ledge. The wind we've been having has proven too dangerous for that though, so now the plants have taken over the balcony floor as well.)

So close to yum!

But as you can see, they're getting there. One day soon, we will have a feast of homegrown tomatoes, red basil, and delicious buffalo mozzarella...Until then I will continue to mourn the summer that could have been and try to make up for it with happy, colorful posts and pictures.

All photos by Nicole.

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