Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rainy Day Daydreaming

It's another cloudy, rainy day in NY and while I'm bummed that my beach plans got ruined because of it, I have to say there's something whimsical and inspiring about rainy days to me. I always feel justified being lazy and dreamy during this kind of weather, don't you? I spent the morning being inspired by Pinterest finds and other images around the web.

Like these oh-so-girly but still gorgeous rain boots! Since I tossed out my old pair as I left the house this morning (they kept cutting my heels and I very dramatically couldn't take it anymore!), I'm keeping my eyes open for a new cute (and comfortable!) pair.

Rain boots by Joules Posh

This simple but perfectly colorful living room made me smile all over. If you know me, you know I love color, especially bright color. And I'm newly in love with pillows and furniture with lettering on them (like this gorgeous chair!). The rug, the pillow, the poster--swoon!

Image from Salvation Jane's living room

Maybe it's because my upcoming travel plans are on my mind, but I'm in love with this idea of using maps as gift wrap. When we were younger, Nicole and I used to always find new ways to wrap gifts, like using candy wrappers with Twizzlers as bows, so a clever new way to gift wrap always strikes a chord with me.

I just adore the delicate beauty of this leaf necklace, and how it's adjustable, which I love in a piece of jewelry. Every time I go to the Brooklyn Flea I see similar gorgeous pieces that are so simple and pretty and I just love them. One of these days I'm going to splurge and by myself one.

Necklace by Morgan Prather

And finally, I want to hang this plaque in my room and look at it every morning so I can be as inspired as I am today, every day!

Plaque by Becky Murphy

Image credits:1) Girly rain boots by Joules Posh via Morgan January's Pinterest; 2) Colorful living room from Salvation Jane via Ashley Slate's Pinterest; 3) Map-wrapped gifts by Martha Stewart Weddings via Keaton Capturing's Pinterest; 4) Leaf necklace by Morgan Prather available on Etsy; 5) Inspirational plaque by Becky Murphy as seen on design is mine


  1. I adore those boots, and the necklace is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I know, aren't the boots amazing? Just the perfect touch of femininity...And I swear I'm buying that necklace one of these days!