Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inspired By...

...the brightest and prettiest household designs I've seen in a long time.

...colorful containers that can keep up with their contents. (Try saying that three time fast.)

Photo and diy by Studio Choo for Design*Sponge

...the perfect indoor/outdoor getaway that could still be enjoyed on rainy summer days (like we've been having non-stop).

Photo by Livet Hemma

...the backyard of my dreams. I don't need a big fancy house with lots of free space and nature (*shudder*). Just give me a little niche in the middle of the city and I'll be a happy camper.

Photo and design by Foras Studio

...swoon-worthy picnic supplies for the summer I wish we were having.

...a bike that would always ensure you were the fairest of them all (fat days be damned!).

Kate Spake bike available at Adeline Adeline

...but what inspires and excites me the most today is that I just bought plane tickets to Rome for an extended September weekend of girly fun with two of my very favorite chicas! It's our second such trip in two years (last year's Paris adventure went horribly wrong--we never arrived--thanks to EasyJet, sigh), which means it's officially earned the title of tradition. Best new tradition ever.

Image credits: 1) Napkin, pillow, and blanket from Citta Design via Eat Drink Chic; 2) Indoor/outdoor retreat by Livet Hemma; 3) West Village backyard landscaping by Foras Studio via Augenpralinen; 4) Flower containers by Studio Choo for Design*Sponge; 5) Picnic supplies by Nicole Hill Gerulat  for Acme Party Box Company via frolic; 6) Kate Spake bike available at Adeline Adeline via stephmodo;

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