Monday, August 29, 2011


I've never been much of a painter--I much prefer pencil drawing and making collages when it comes to being artsy--but there's something about watercolors that I just adore (and wish I could do!). They're so soft and whimsical, with just perfect gentle touches of femininity and color. I came across these images recently and I have to say, I'm smitten. I mean, something as simple as a stack of kitchen bowls looks downright gorgeous in this medium!

Painting by Yael Berger

And as if the Eiffel Tower isn't always picturesque, how dreamy is this rainbow watercolor of it?

Source unknown via Stepping Stone

Painting by Jessica Durrant

I found Jessica Durrant on Etsy while holed up in my apartment over the hurricane weekend, and I'm loving the simplicity and dreaminess of her work. Her paintings of European cities, like this one of Rome, are at once surreal and completely recognizable. And her loose, drippy world maps are just as wonderful! I want them all. I also want to learn to watercolor now.

Image credits: 1) Stack of Bowls print by Yael Berger available on Etsy pinned by Lyndie Symons; 2) Rainbow Eiffel Tower source unknown* via Stepping Stone pinned by Anita L; 3) A Perfect Evening in Rome print by Jessica Durrant available on Etsy

*If you know the source, please share!

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