Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend was rather eventful and the weather was more schizophrenic than usual, which, luckily, resulted in the first race this year to not take place in horrid conditions. Other than that, we ate, we helped friends move (I think I'm getting too old for that), we relaxed at beach bars, and we did our best to focus on the fun aspects of summer storms.

Enjoyed some yummies from the most fantastic store that opened up right next door, Mitte Meer. Good quality Italian and Spanish food and wine and ingredients galore.

 Cooked up some homemade tomato sauce using our homegrown tomatoes. (More on those guys soon!)

Went to see an open-air opera, Die Zauberfl├Âte (The Magic Flute) at Wannsee. The very Led Zeppelin-influenced poster (see here) reeled me in. That and a promised stage in the middle of the lake. Which didn't happen (who sells tickets for such an event without first getting permission from the city?!). Oh well, the stage right in front of the lake was still lovely, even though the clouds were slightly less than inviting when we arrived.

 Passed some sparkly creatures on our way in.

Had a great view of the so-not-on-the-lake stage.The rain also decided to bless us with its presence promptly as the first act started. Thank goodness for ponchos.

And then we were greeted with the most magnificent double rainbow. Right as some balloons were set free. Fine summer, the rain was indeed worth it for this.

Awed by the spectacular sunset over Wannsee.

Spent the next evening (after an exhausting day spent helping friends move to their new house. Well, exhausting for Micha. I'll admit that I did not contribute much more than helping to empty a couple bottles of Sekt.) at one of my favorite beach bars, and not only because it's within walking distance from our apartment. It's located on top of a shopping center and always has spectacular views of the city.

Got up way too early on a Sunday to participate in the M├╝ggelsee Aquathlon. (Sweet valley high, was that water coooold!)

 Battled my way through the swim start while Micha cheered me on from the sidelines.

Now I know how Micha entertains himself during these hour-plus long races. By making creature friends.

Ahh, the glorious feeling of reaching the finish line (especially when you pass big men on the way!).

Enjoying another Mitte Meer and homegrown tomatoes dinner. We have finally found buffallo mozzerella perfetion there and can never go back to another brand. The black things are squid ink ravioli filled with salmon and ricotta. I thought they would be gross but I could not have been more wrong.

Convinced Micha to join me on a summer walk in search of ice cream. It started off as such a good idea...

...until we got caught in a torrential downpour. Oh how quickly the Berlin weather gods will turn on you.

And how was your weekend?

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