Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pretty Paintings

While I'm no spectacular or even very consistent artist, I thoroughly enjoy picking up a pencil or some paints every now and then and letting the artistic juices flow. Our mom and grandma are both spectacular painters and I'm glad they passed a little talent on our way.

Lately I've been inspired to start painting again (I really need to get an easel already) and go wild with bright colors. Like in these gorgeous pieces by the oh-so-talented Michelle Armas.

Or in these more subtle yet completely stunning works by Jen Ramos of Cocoa & Hearts.

Aren't their color palettes just perfect? Makes me want to put on my big-girl pants and commission a painting to hang in our desperately-in-need-of-a-makeover bedroom. Perhaps one day... Until then, I'll settle for drawing inspiration from their use of color for my own amateur attempts.

Where do you find inspiration for new artistic endeavors?

Image credits: 1) Biznut by Michelle Armas; 2) Viv's commisioned artwork by Michelle Armas via Ish and Chi; 3) Slant 2 by Jen Ramos; 4) Colors 39 by Jen Ramos.