Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home Improvements

Maybe it was my two days at home sick (yes, I'm still whining about it, but at least I got my butt back to work today), or maybe it's the pre-fall-must-stay-indoors weather that we're having, I'm not sure, but I'm currently feeling the need to add some new colorful and possibly diy additions to our home. So I've been thrilled to see the internet throwing ideas at me as if it were Christmas. Current doable ideas include:

This super fab diy chevron rug. We actually aren't rug people at all (we just got rugs for the bedroom last year after sister told me how ridiculous it was not to have them on our freezing wood floors), but I often think that a hallway runner could be really useful. Yet I'd only agree to one that would add a pop of color to that dark corner of the apartment. So I'm considering taking this blah Ikea runner (on the right) and giving this chevron-stripe diy a try. The only question is, which leftover paint color (or colors) to use: lime green, light turquoise, dark turquoise, bright pink/purple...?

DIY by Miggy, Runner from Ikea

twiggy jewelry holder. I can't yet completely decide if this is totally cute or kinda cheesy, but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and saying I'd like to try my hand at my own fun version of this. At least if it's a disaster, it won't have cost me anything.

 DIY by Gadora Wilder 

Wine bottles that can be personalized for every occasion. Be still, my beating heart.

  Photo and design by Ruthi Auda

And finally, this. I'm pretty sure Ikea had to have implanted a chip in my brain and read my thoughts in order to have come up with this picture. Otherwise, how could they have created with a print that combines both my all-time favorite animal and current obsession color into one fabulously affordable picture?! Well done, Ikea. Well done.

Photo available at Ikea (also the US one. Don't worry, I checked for you.)

So, any other great colorful pieces or diys that you could recommend to me while I've still got the sprucing-up-the-apartment bug?

Image credits: 1) Chevron rug diy by Little Miss Miggy Stayed Home via Little Green Notebook; 2) Runner from Ikea; 3) Twig jewelry holder by Gadora Wilder via Happiness Is...; 4) Wine bottles by Ruthi Auda; 5) Cow print by Linda Wood for Ikea.

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