Friday, August 12, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's in the Park

Last night a couple girl friends and I loaded up on picnic snacks, wine, and cute summery clothes, and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge Park for an outdoor screening of Breakfast at Tiffany's, part of a weekly summer screening put on by the park Conservancy. I haven't hung out in Brooklyn since moving from there last year, but it was so, as my one friend kept saying, magical to have the view of the city and the Brooklyn Bridge surrounding you, especially while watching an old favorite film.

We got there early (the screening starts at sunset so you have to get there well ahead of time in order to get a spot to sit comfortably) and spread out our makeshift picnic blanket and our goods from Trader Joe's.

Then we sat, chatted, enjoyed the sun, and ate our snacks for a few hours while waiting for the sun to go down. It was beautifully sunny, but there was a perfect chilly breeze that kept us cool. And a nice storm cloud that didn't bring rain (thankfully!) but did bring some cover from the sun.

Digging into our picnic spread and having some fun. And this is even pre-wine.

And finally, sunset at last. Time for the city lights to go on, the wine to be opened, and the movie to start! It's amazing just how many people crowded into the park even up until this point. There was even a back row along the sidewalk of those who came late and had to stand!

Cat! I couldn't resist.

Especially after my recent beach vacations and my upcoming travel plans (details to come on those later), I've been feeling a little down about being stuck in a city all summer. Missing the ocean, the sand, my perpetual tan. But then events like these are put on and I'm reminded why I moved to this city in the first place and why I love it. Where else can you get an event like this with a view like this? And all easily accessible by public transportation? Like my friend kept saying, it's just magical.

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