Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

I've been sick at home the last two days (boo for not going outside for two days, but yay for catching up on Project Runway and old episodes of 30 Rock!), but at least we managed to fit in some great weekend fun with cool people before the sore throat nastiness descended upon me in record speed.

Made a yummy meal of items from my favorite food cart at the outdoor market that's near my work on Thursdays.

Enjoyed a long evening at the Biermeile. I love this event and not just because you get a 0.2l mug (with the teddy bear logo!) and can fill it up at beer stands from around the world along a one-mile stretch for only 1.50€ per refill, but also because we've had some fun and ridiculous memories there over the years.

Discovered a pretty hidden courtyard with a great view.

Enjoyed a cool photo exhibit, Somewhere in Hollywood at the unexpectedly underground Galerie Imago Fotokunst. It's fun seeing pictures of my home city in a different light.

Found the sweetest flower shop and Micha bought me the brightest, happiest dahlias in the store.

Had a picnic evening at a secluded spot on a lake (the Obersee).

Laughed at the most precious puppy who was determined to take the most giant stick he could find home with him.

Made some homemade ├╝ber-chocolatey Toblerone ice cream. (I may have gone slightly overboard with the cocoa. It kinda rocks, though.)

Had my first encounter with horse racing. (And is it just me, or do the drivers--I was specifically told to never call them jockeys!--look horribly uncomfortable all spread eagle back there...?)

And topped it all off with a visit to our favorite burger spot in all the land, The Bird. (It's a must visit if you're ever in Berlin!)


  1. Fun weekend, that ice cream looks so yummy!

  2. Thanks so much! Oh man, it's even more delicious after the flavor sits for a few days...