Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Dream Scooter

I've been searching bike stores and the interwebs lately for a new bike because 1) I am completely sick of the push-back-on-your-pedals childlike brakes on mine (why do all adult ladies' bikes have those awful brakes? Are we not adults too? Give us real brakes!) and 2) ever since I posted about, I've been completely smitten with this Kate Spade one. In comparison, my funky pink gramma bike is like a tired old Barbie doll of yesteryear.

And then I saw this scooter parked in front of my office.

And fell head-over-heels in love with a new mode of transportation. The question is: Do I steal it first? Or do I first finally finish converting my driver's license to a German one*...?

*This would be a simple procedure if I were, say, from Pennsylvania (grr you Pennsylvanians!), but Germany has a unique agreement with each US state about how to convert their licenses. We lucky Californians have to take both the written and practical German driving test in order to get a license. I passed the written (I got 100%!) but needless to say, am terrified of the supposedly mean driving testers here and have yet to sign up for the practical test. For this scooter, however, I would.

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  1. you totally should! also - way to publically blame the pennsylvanians! california is just too stubborn to sign the treaty :) hahaha no, seriously, it's really unfair. But take the test so you can SCOOTER!