Thursday, August 25, 2011

Striped Walls

Ok folks, the question of the day is, how narrow can a room be and still get away with a bold striped paint job?

Photo by Frisson

We have one of the narrowest halls on earth that also has 6 doorways (as in most old Berlin apartments, the front door opens into the hall, which in turn leads off to all rooms individually). It's currently white (we had to cover up the previous tenants' awful mint green), but I'm starting to think it needs a makeover. Micha would certainly kill me if I presented this picture to him. We don't exactly have the best track record when painting rooms together - think: arguing, grumbling about differences in painting speeds, yelling when someone gets tired, not speaking to each other by the end... you get the idea - but perhaps sister and I could tackle this project when she's here. After all, last time she visited, we painted the living room AND rearranged the entire guest room/office. It's not like she needs a vacation or anything...

On a side note, I am in unwavering agreement with the designer/owner of the above hallway when she says, "we firmly believe that no amount of white or bland 'greige' paint is going to make all small rooms feel big. Some rooms are just going to be small, so embrace them."

Do you have any great tips for sprucing up a bland hallway?

Image credit: 1) Hallway by Frisson via Houzz.


  1. I love this hallway, narrow or not, the paint job is lovely!

  2. pleeeeease do it! itll look awesome! and im sure micha will learn to love it...