Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beach Time

We're headed up to the beach this evening, to Warnemünde to be exact, for an early morning wedding for two of our closest friends tomorrow. And you can't even imagine how much I wish that the weather this weekend would be as sunny and inviting as these lovely pictures...

...But alas it is not and we're in for three more days of rain. I'm donning summer dresses all weekend anyways to spite the malicious Berlin weather gods. I'm also predicting the wedding will be a smashing success despite the weather because, let's face it: weddings rock and you can never go wrong when you're near the ocean.

If you're looking for a visual escape from your dreary day (or your excruciatingly hot day, for all you USA-ers out there), hop on over to this wonderful Etsy shop for some jaw-dropping eye candy. And have a fantabulous weekend.

Photos: Carl Christensen, available at IntegrityStudio via Dandy Bread and Candy

1 comment:

  1. Aww too bad! Those photos looked pretty fantastic. Bummer.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love.
    That Girl in Pearls