Monday, July 11, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend's weather was absolutely picture-perfect, summer at its finest. Not knowing if and when this would happen again anytime soon (Berlin is nothing if not unpredictable), we headed outside to take full advantage of the sunshine!

It started on Friday evening with a delicious outdoor picnic.

Which we enjoyed while listening to the Open Air Opera at one of the lovliest locations in the city, Gendarmenmarkt. We didn't have tickets for the event, but we most certainly didn't need them either. We joined a bunch of other other picnic-loving spectators and camped out right outside the Platz to soak up the music from the comfort of our own picnic blanket. My picnic skills were put to shame when an older couple near us busted out their chairs, a mini table, real glasses, and even candles! Lesson learned.

The evening was warm and there were no clouds in sight for the first time in weeks!

The next morning started off with my all-time favorite breakfast, egg-in-a-hole. (Is that what everyone calls it? Or was that just my mom?)

Next, we decided to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies at the nearby Kollwitzplatz market.

And rewarded ourselves for a shopping job well done with a couple of raspberry-spiked spritzes on the balcony.

That night, we headed to a friend's birthday party in Tiergarten. The facade of his house was being renovated which meant that the balcony was surrounded by scaffolding. The perfect location for enjoying some beers on a warm evening...that is, until the neighbors threaten to call the cops. Oopsie poodles!

On Sunday, after some guest room renovations (scroll down to see!), Micha packed up my spritz in a to-go coffee mug and we headed out in search of good food.

And good food we found at Onkel Ho. (Yey, I may have picked it solely based on the name, but the food did not disappoint!)

Every time we walk back home through Mauerpark, we know we're in for some kind of treat. This time we stopped to watch the most random group of people singing, beating drums, and practicing their Capoeira. And my oh my were there a lot of random naked and half-naked munchkins running around and dancing to the music as well! I have come to the conclusion that German kids really don't like pants.

And last but oh-so not least: the renovations. We FINALLY put up some shelves on the office side of our office/guest room! We've been talking about doing this for, oh, a year and a half, and I finally annoyed Micha enough that he gave in, busted out the drill, and got to work. Which meant I had to stand next to him, holding the vaccuum up to where he was drilling to suck up all the dust and dirt before it covered the floors. Yes, really. Yes, I laughed my ass off about this and no, he didn't think it was strange at all...

Enjoy the teaser. Pictures of the finished project to come in another post!

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