Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Above-the-Couch Picture Gallery

I don't think I've really shared yet the fabulous picture that we recently bought to put on the wall above our couch. Here's a glimpse of it, though the lighting doesn't do that rocking confetti parade any justice. However, what is quite obvious from that view is that the picture looks somewhat lonely on the big old wall all by himself. I think he needs some buddies.

If we didn't already have a gallery wall elsewhere in that room, I'd really love to do something like this...

Source unknown via Sierra Studios Photography

...or this over the couch. Though pictures of kids tend to look way cuter and perhaps not nearly as self-involved as, say, lots of pictures of Micha and myself all over the wall. Yeah, that'd be a little awkward.

Photo by Jen of IHeart Organizing 

I tend to think pictures look best  in threes, but then I glimpsed this image over at Martha and am starting rethink that idea. Perhaps just two great black-and-white framed images could be just what that space needs.

 Photo from Martha Stewart Crafts 

What do you think? And which of these gallery styles do you like best?

Image credits: 1) Gray wall source unknown via Sierra Studios Photography, pinned by Jessie; 2) Green wall by Jen of IHeart Organizing, pinned by Amanda; 3) Turquoise wall by Martha Stewart Crafts.

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