Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Surprise Party Is the Best Kind of Party

As I may have already mentioned, this was the first year in a while that I didn't plan my own birthday party, seeing as I had (semi-stupidly) signed up for an aquathlon (swim-and-run race) on the morning of my big day.  (Seriously, who does that?!) As luck would have it, Micha knew that I couldn't bear to have a birthday go uncelebrated and he secretly and very successfully arranged a surprise party!

On the way back from the rainy aquathlon, which began at an ungodly 9a.m. on a Saturday, I was feeling more than a little down that my birthday was gray and rainy and I had no plans. And you know, the fact that it started with a race instead of a mimosa. And then I walked in the front door of our apartment only to find a bunch of our friends (including my race buddy who I'd just said goodbye to a half-hour earlier. Sneaky, that one!) standing inside waiting for me, with brunch food galore! I really couldn't have asked for more. Thanks everyone for a fantastic day!!

Surprised, excited, and hungry.

No amount of rain could hinder our balcony grillfest!

You really can't not laugh at these two and their love for all things edible. Particularly meat and jello. (But not together, that'd just be weird.)

One of the two cutest faces of the day!! (I sadly don't have a picture of the other, but she is also too precious for words.)

They're definitely laughing at me trying to choose which present to open first -- not an easy decision!

He was a solid unwrapping partner -- totally down with my method of just ripping it off and making as huge a mess as possible.

Call me old if you want, but sweet valley high was I excited to get this blender! I've been wanting one to make smoothies with FOREVER and...IT'S PINK! My lime green kitchen rejoices.

Awesome gift givers, every single one of them!


Apparently, I look like a complete goober when receiving gifts. But I don't care. That card was hilarious (a picture of wet dogs! Loves it!) and in the second picture, I'm receiving my brand spanking new real-person smartphone!! If that doesn't call for jazz hands, then I don't know what does.

Meanwhile, the little man confiscated my adorable new purse-sized hairbrush as his own. And then promptly stuck it in his mouth. (I should remember to rinse that before sticking it in my purse...)

Man, do I give good thank-you loving or what?

What a great day. I wonder if they'd all be down for repeating this every month...

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