Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Tomato Update

As I mentioned before, our Third and Fourth of July weather was sorely disappointing. Meaning no picnics outside, no grilling in the park, and no frolicking around in the warm evening air with sparklers in tow. And as much as this all displeased me, those 48 hours of rain were nothing short of paradise for our balcony garden.

Look at them grow!

This guy is my pride and joy. I mean, I didn't even purposely plant him! He just appeared next to the basil one day, all "look at me! Betcha didn't know I was here, did you? Ha! I will take over this planter and beat all you other tomato plants at growing the quickest!" Or something like that... Rock on little buddy, rock on.

I still can't believe how many there are!

I like how the branch from the plant on the left is giving this guy a high five.

The mint finally embarked on a rain-induced growth spurt as well. But I fear I may have killed the dill...

Oh, they all make me so happy. When rainy days get my spirits down, I'll remember to try and concentrate on the happiness of my little plants from now on.

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  1. I LOVE homegrown tomatoes! Rain is a total downer, but definitely worth it for a flourishing garden!