Friday, July 8, 2011

Inspired By...

Before I tell you about my fabulous surprise birthday party from this past weekend (coming up next, for real this time!), I just had to share a little inspiration I've been swooning over on the interwebs this week.

...a dress that dreams are made of. I feel like I've posted about this dress before but perhaps I haven't. Either way, I'm pretty sure this dress and I are soulmates. I was stalking it online for the better half of the last six months but  never ended up ordering due to heinous international shipping fees. Alas, it is now sold out. But it remains on my top ten list of all-time favorite items (I mean, it even has pockets, for goodness sakes!).

Sadly, no longer available at Spool No. 72

...the simplicity of these Ikea lamps all lined up. We're currently trying to decide on lighting for our very poorly lit dining corner of the living room. We got one of these guys a while ago, but the cord was not even close to long enough for our million-foot-high ceilings (million foot, four meters, same thing). If the lamp had fit though, I'm pretty sure I'd need two more now anyways. But since Ikea seems to be out of them, there goes that idea. Sniffle sniffle.

Photo by Livet Hemma

...a multitude of lamps to keep eachother company. So I'm moving on to greener lamp pastures. And these guys are currently top seeded. The jury's still out on what the man in the house will say about them. You can never tell with the men-folk, but seeing as these aren't neon or rainbow, I feel they have a shot with him.

Available at Impressionen

...purple done right. This picture was one of the inspiration pics for our living room color, which, incidentally, turned out much more pink than purple (don't worry, we love it!). Nonetheless, this room seriously makes me want to get up a dance a jig. As a well-styled room should.

Photo from Gaita Interiors

...a cute and colorful diy project! This seems to be the kind of project that even I could pull off to spruce up our hallway a little bit. (And to rid us of our horribly '90s triangular wall-hook-and-mirror combination thing. Oh, the horror.)

Photo by Mike for Shelterness

...and last but not least, another diy that intrigues me. After all, with no Container Store or Target to rely on, the storage box options at Ikea can only get you so far. I'd love to try my hand at making some in colors I actually like.

Photo by Ashley of Make It and Love It

 Image credits: 1) Dress by Spool No. 72; 2) Dining room by Livet Hemma; 3) Lamp by Impressionen; 4) Purple wall from Gaita Interiors via Apartment Therapy; 5) Coat rack by Shelterness, pinned by Polka Dot; 6) Storage bins by Ashley of Make It and Love It, pinned by Gladys.

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