Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best Little Christmas Package EVER

Mid-apartment cleaning this morning, I was (quite happily) interrupted by the mailman finally delivering the package from Nicole that I've been waiting for since Thanksgiving. (As I mentioned before, we seem to have a bit of difficulty when it comes to German customs.) So, lucky me, I got to pretend it was Christmas all over again!

The cat joined in (his favorite was the Berlin advent calendar that, hey, I'm still going to open daily if he ever stops using it as a bed) as I admired Nicole's adorable wrapping, fun confetti, and homemade streamers before eagerly tearing everything open. And snacking on the many yummy European chocolates that were included.

She not only did the cutest little wrapping job, but also found the perfect card for me, and wrote fun little post-it notes like these on each gift. 

And like I said, just because the advent season is over doesn't mean I'm not going to hang my sparkly handmade advent calendar on the wall for everyone to admire! (Even if I did tear open all the 24 accompanying presents at once without reading Nicole's instructions first...oops...)

I hope all of your Christmases were just as wonderful and full of sparkles as mine was! And thanks again, Nic, for making my Christmas season last a little bit longer!

All photos by Natalie

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