Friday, December 9, 2011

Inspired By...

...beyond adorable galoshes, hats, and more from a cute, new (to me) store located in the UK (which means no customs hassles when shipping to Germany, hoorah!). Plus, I really like that they use words like "wellies," "trapper," "gilet," and "jumper" that Americans like me could never get away with saying (or even really knowing the meaning of...).

Available at Joules

...something delicious to do with my leftover bag of fresh cranberries from Thanksgiving. I mean, who can resist sparkly looking food?

Photo by Yummy Mummy

...Bri Emery's ├╝ber-cool LA loft that combines so many fabulous pieces in ways I could never even dream of doing myself.

Photo by Bonnie Tsang

 ...stocking stuffers with a twist. Maybe Micha would actually wear colorful socks if they had pictures of beer all over them...

Available at Fred Flare

...printable holiday decor that makes the world traveler in me giddy with delight.

Picture and download by Angela Hardison

...great advice and encouragement for following your dreams from my favorite illustration duo.

Image credits: Wellies and trapper from Joules via {frolic!} | Cranberry bites by Yummy Mummy via The SoHo | Loft by Bonnie Tsang for Rue Magazine | Socks by Fred Flare via The Color Issue | Map by Angela Hardison | Advice from This Paper Ship

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  1. Those cranberry bits are so pretty! I also think my husband needs a pair of those funny beer socks :-)