Monday, December 5, 2011

My Weekend in Pictures

Oh what a Christmas-y weekend it was...

Advent calendar days 3 + 4

Weekend yummies: breakfast and Ikea Glögg

Tree and decoration purchasing

Our Adventskranz, the traditional German advent wreath

 Reading time with jingling antlers

 The finished tree! 

-Friday night we ventured to a fun new bar (I already forgot the name) with friends that is apparently a meeting ground in Berlin for hipsters who can't speak German and who like to smoke (yuck). Still, discovering new places is always a good thing in my book.

-Saturday was Kai's (Micha's little brother) birthday and we had tapas brunch with their fam. The restaurant had a chocolate fondue fountain. AWESOME.

-The most exciting moment of the weekend: we got our Christmas tree! Hoorah! Which also really helped motivate us to finally finish cleaning up all the Thanksgiving chaos and switch over to Christmas mode. 

-I've once again claimed victory in the epic practical-and-small vs. gigantic-and-expensive tree debate (just guess which side I'm on...). This year's tree barely fit in the car and blocks half the living room. But he's beauuuuutiful. 

-We now switch off years decorating the Christmas tree (meaning picking ornaments and colors) and this year, it's Micha's year turn. (The reason being that American and German tree-decorating styles are extremely different. American = colorful and German = well, not.) He opted for new gold, white, and black ornaments. A stylish, modern tree, if you will. And I actually like it.

-Since it was rainy and gray and unpleasant outside, we had no problem spending our Sunday indoors decorating the tree instead of heading out to Christmas markets. 

-Drinking glühwein inside is just not right. In order to enjoy it, you really should be freezing your ass off while standing outdoors somewhere.

-These posts are no fun without our fancy camera. I hope he gets fixed soon.

How was your weekend? Do you have a tree yet?

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