Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Glitter Wrapping Paper Dilemma

It's not even Christmas Eve and I've already have two holiday fiascoes. I'm not the only one, am I? Please tell me I'm not. Ok, so they're not huge, going-to-ruin-Christmas fiascoes, but there are lessons to be learned from them nonetheless, and I would like to pass my newfound wisdom on.

Holiday Fiasco Lesson #1: When you send holiday cards from two people, say, a couple, remember to actually sign both people's names on the cards. Or else you end up looking like a jackass. Like me. So, uh, yeah, for anyone who gets those cards, the "we" that was written still does apply to Micha and me (we didn't secretly break up, promise!), even though I forgot to give him the cards to sign before hastily bringing them to the post office. He really does wish you a Merry Christmas too, though. Oopsie poodles.

Holiday Fiasco Lesson #2: Glitter wrapping paper is in no way the most awesome wrapping paper you have ever used, despite it being the most awesome wrapping paper you have ever seen.

 Awesome, right? Yeah, not so much.

 I had been eyeing this fabulous gift wrap at Butler's for the last three years now and finally decided to throw down the 5€ it cost for a mere 1.5 meters because, hey, conveniently, it matches our tree ornaments this year, so why not? (Along with the rather gloomily colored snowflake wrap that is not my favorite, but when I pick a color scheme - or have one picked for me - I go all out.)

Here's the issue with the wrap though. I don't care that it sprinkles glitter all over the place (in fact, I kind of like that), but this wrapping paper hates tape. Hates it with a fiery passion.

This is not the ideal amount of tape for one side.

I even tried using double-sided tape on the underside of the wrap thinking that the tape would adhere better there, but no luck. So, after trying out three different tape rolls and using entirely too much of each while yelling obscenities in German at the glitter paper (German really is the ideal language for angry yelling), I let it win. I put a minimum of five pieces of tape where normal wrap only requires one, and then just tied a big ol' bow around the whole thing to detract from the fact that none of the sides stay even remotely stuck down for long.

I think it works though. And hey, we finally have some presents under the tree!


  1. Love the glitter wrap! Oh and about the card signing thing.. such an easy thing to do.. eh.. why sweat the small stuff!! :) it happens!

  2. I had the same problem this year. shipping tape for the win so far it's working great. and it's clear

  3. I found the only thing to hold enough was hot glue gun.

  4. I found this video while looking through the same problem. it seems like there is so solution to wrapping with just the glitter paper, but this extra step with the cellophane seems like the perfect fix

  5. If you look inside the roll of wrapping paper it comes with instructions and sticky stuff to keep it together.

  6. I caved and use ribbon also. But sadly I have fifteen gifts to wrap and not enough ribbon. Damn you beautiful Costco paper. It was so intising.