Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Weekend

I'm having one of those weeks that's just determined not to be mine. Do you know what I mean? A week where everything you try to accomplish gets thwarted, everyone you ask for helps gets snappy (what happened to the holiday spirit?!), and you're left frustrated and with an ever-expanding To Do list. After a bit of a mid-afternoon pity party, I've decided to just let it be and get back on track next week. And thanks to Nicole, my week will at least end well, as she showed me these delicious treats that I plan on making after work tonight! (We always have margarita supplies on hand in Florida ;)

I hope you all have a happy holiday weekend!

P.S. On days like this when I was back in New York, I'd end up crying on the street more often than not because it's never convenient to just run home and cry in that city. This article made me feel so much better about that! (via A Cup of Jo)

Photo and recipe by Rebecca Crump of Ezra Pound Cake


  1. That drink looks amazing and would definitely help to liven up a mood:)

  2. Wouldn't it though? It's delicious AND sparkly--two of my favorite things ;)