Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Felt Wreath With a Touch of Gold

I made this little wreath somewhat by accident last year and it's since become one of my favorite pieces of holiday decoration.

I was using a lime-green-and-gold color scheme to decorate the apartment for my round of Das Perfekte Dinner (The Perfect Dinner, which you probably already figured out...) that three girlfriends and I were doing. The idea is based on a fun TV show here in Germany in which each person (strangers in the show) cooks dinner one night at their place -- with mandatory three courses -- and then everyone gives them points at the end of the night on a scale of 1-10 based on food, decorations, and how good they were as a host. At the end of the week, whoever has the most points wins! We spread our dinners out over a month to accomodate work schedules and it was fabulous fun.

Since I had a ton of lime green felt left over from the previous Thanksgiving, I decided to whip up a wreath. Only to discover when I was nearly finished that I didn't quite have enough felt for the whole thing...

Luckily, I did have plenty of gold ribbon. So after all the leaves were hot-glued in place, I went about wrapping gold ribbon around the rest of the styrofoam wreath form and finished it off with a matching bow. And I'm pretty sure I like it even better this way! (It kind of reminds me of the Olympics...)

If you were to make one for yourself, though, I'd recommend wrapping the ribbon around first and then hot-gluing the leaves in place. It'll save you many minutes of ribbon-wrapping frustration, trust me.

Happy crafting!

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