Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Sparkly Holiday Goodies

I'm all about adding sparkly and glittery goodness to the apartment whenever I can, and I like to think that Christmas is one of the sparklier holidays (New Year's being the main one, of course). So last year, for my holiday Das Perfekte Dinner decorations, I decided on a big old glittery centerpiece because really, you can always impress with glitter. (Micha ended up absolutely hating these things because we found glitter in the aparment for months afterwards but hey, the dinner was for ladies only, so he wasn't allowed to object. :)


I got these great cardboard letters from Idee, a giant pack of gold glitter, and then just used modgepodge to bring the two together. In hindsight, I should have used some finishing paint of sorts over the glitter to stop it from falling off (really, I still could...) but for now I kind of like find sparkly remnants all over the place.

Conveniently enough, gold was part of the color scheme Micha chose for our tree this year, so I had a great excuse to bust out the Xmas letters again. (You better believe I stuck them in a plastic bag and stored them in the basement with the rest of our Christmas decorations.) Now I'm seriously considering purchasing and glittering every letter of the alphabet and just spelling out new things for each special occasion  Or season. Or month. Oh, the possibilities...

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