Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Berlin Love: Kastanienallee and Beyond

I  meant to start a Berlin Love series of posts a long time ago to work on my photography skills, but that seemed to fade away quickly when our camera lens decided to crap out on us. But now he's back and so is this perhaps semi-regular series!

This edition of random city snapshots is from the area around Mauerpark and Kastanienallee in a nearby area of our neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg. The perfect location for a laid-back Sunday afternoon beer and eavesdropping on English-speaking tourists and residents.

Hefeweizens outdoors at Cafe Schwarzsauer (If the weather allows, we make sure to sit outside here since it's a smoking bar. Yuck.)

Neon spots in the middle of a construction mess

April buds

Prater Biergarten | Berlin wall remnants at Mauerpark

Mauerpark flea market and bear pit (sans karaoke still) from above

TV tower | Gleimstraße tunnel

Gleimstraße cherry blossoms (you can see more about these awesome cherry blossom trees here!)

Screw Kaffee und Kuchen, we're all about beer and cake in this household

Nameless bar basement

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