Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sidebar Spruce-up

So I did a little work on prettifying the blog this weekend that I just wanted to quickly show off. You see the sidebar over there on the right? Look how much more fun and colorful it is now! I'm loving it. Here's a little screenshot for posterity, but if you're reading in a reader, come by and check it out today!

We needed some new buttons and I'm super happy with the ones I found on Etsy. I bought these from Twenty Three Oh One! after quite a bit of searching and I'd highly recommend her if you're looking for something similar. Not only did she send super clear instructions for installing the buttons (I even learned a few new shortcuts), but she did it really quickly and -- the best part -- I got to specify the exact colors I wanted, instead of having to pick from only pre-set options. That sealed the deal for me because I knew that we needed some bright pink and chartreuse on the blog to accurately represent Nat's and my love for color. (Fun side note: I totally ordered chartreuse icons for Natalie before she posted about her new file cabinet. If you didn't believe in twin psychic powers before, you probably should rethink it...)

The new picture of Nat and me on the side is clickable and the About Us page will be ready soon, but in the meantime, you can already click on the The Hive icon below it. Have you heard of this first European blogger's conference? I signed up immediately, since it's in Berlin, and can't wait to meet everyone there!

So those are our newest colorful changes. I'm sure we'll have some more in the future but for now, I keep coming back to our new sidebar eye candy and smiling at it.

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