Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Weekend!

My weekend actually already started today, as we have a four-day weekend here in Germany, courtesy of Easter. And I took a bonus extra day off on Tuesday to spend with one of my favorite ladies, Liz, whose on her way to Berlin as we speak (well, that is assuming those jerkoffs at EasyJet actually take off...she's already endured a two-hour delay!), so a glorious five-day weekend it is! Despite very unpromising weather predictions, we'll be making the best of a cold, rainy weekend with playoff hockey games, lazy brunches, surprise (for her) dinner reservations, and probably even a good old Easter egg hunt at Micha's mom's house (and yes, we twenty- and thirty-something-year-olds will be the hunters...)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of good food, family, friends, and whatever else your little heart desires. Bonus points if it's a long weekend for you too. :)

PS. How can you not have a girl crush on Emma Stone after this awesomeness?!

I was on the fence about dying eggs this weekend until I saw these.

California limoncello?!? SOLD!

And a little something to get you into the spring holiday spirit...

Photo by Nicole

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