Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A German Baking Exchange!

So I recently signed up for what might possibly be the one of the most fun things I will be involved in all year. It's a mail baking exchange started by three awesome bloggers here in Germany, called Post aus meiner Küche ("mail from my kitchen"). It's really the coolest idea I've heard of in a while and a great excuse to get me to try out some new recipes I've been dying to make. Plus the added bonus that I finally get to share the results of kitchen endeavors with someone else so that I don't gain 8000 pounds in the process. (Oh the downside of having a non-dessert loving boyfriend...)

Basically, anyone could sign up for the exchange and then each of the 300+ (!) participants was given a "Tauschpartner in Schokoladencrime" (exchange partner in chocolate crime). Partners exchanged emails and addresses and could then get to work. The exchange date is set for next week, when we'll be sending each other packages full of as many themed goodies that we can concoct and fit in a reasonably sized, mailable package. This is the very first exchange and the theme is (quite happily for me) chocolate. Could you even think of a better one? Cuz I couldn't.

While I can't yet say what my recipe choices will be (I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partner in chocolate crime!), I will leave you with a little mouthwatering inspiration today from one of the Post aus meiner Küche masterminds, Jeanny of Zucker, Zimt, und Liebe (which translates to the adorable title "Sugar, Cinnamon, and Love"). Even if you can't read German, her blog is worth a visit for the amazing pictures alone (plus, it's extra easy to translate all her delicious recipes into English with the sidebar button she's got there).

 I'll update you with my sent and received packages hopefully the week after next, when they've both arrived safely at their destinations. And if you'd like to help a girl out in devouring lots of chocolate-y goodness, well, you know where to reach me!

All images by Jeanny of Zucker, Zimt und Liebe, originally found via Sodapop

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