Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

I so wanted to post this yesterday, but then work and the final hockey game of the year got in the way, so I hope the suspense didn't kill you. On a happy note, our team came through for us last night and once again won the championship! Yay Eisbären!

I won't give you an entire recap yet of our 5-day Scotland trip (after all, that's what Travel Thursdays are for!), but here's a nice little selection of the many many pictures of our shenanigans throughout the very long weekend.

Sunrise over Berlin while waiting for the bus to the airport

Probably our last flight out of Tegel (as the new BER airport opens in June); I'm gonna miss this silly wee excuse for an airport

Reunited with Alyssa (and I'm looking mighty attractive here)! One of my favorite Padovane (we studied abroad together in Padova, Italy, along with a couple other of my favorite ladies, Liz and Emily)

Mirrors and a horse butt at the entrance to the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art

Glasgow cherry trees in bloom

True story | Glasgow humor (yes, that picture was taken in a bar bathroom)

Haggis (with neeps and tatties)!

Our gracious American-turned-Glaswegian hosts, Jerrick and Dawn

 Our hike up the moutain behind the Glengoyne distillery. We got more than just a wee bit wet.

Courageous Erik and Mike

Hiding from the rain yet again, this time in a phone booth in Edinburgh

More pictures and trip details to come but the very short version is:

We tried haggis (Micha liked it, I could live without it)
We drank a lot of warm beer - what is it with warm, barely carbonated beer in the UK?
We made new friends - already knew Alyssa and Erik, but now we can call Mike, Deanna, Jerrick, and Dawn our friends too!
We understood at least 75% of what the Scots were saying to us.
We tried (and enjoyed) Airbnb for the first time.
We even learned to look right every time we crossed the street (and as a result, no one got hit by a car!)

And finally, it really does rain a lot in Scotland. Like, every day. But I'd still move there in a heartbeat; it was that awesome.

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