Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Have a Garden! (Well, Almost)

Okay, I know it's Travel Thursdays over here, and appropriately, Nicole's jetting off to Scotland today, so I was going to say something about that--something like how we've wanted to go to Scotland since starting Ian Rankin's Detective Rebus novels years and years ago, yada yada--but then F suggested we run to Home Depot this morning to stock up on supplies for the green balcony of my dreams, and I got distracted. And then I got excited. And then I had to share with you.

We went to Home Depot to get enough supplies to replant what is turning out to be the massive amount of tomatoes, peppers, basil, and parsley we planted last week. We got those, and the neccessities like soil and fertilizer, and then I got all ooh I love this! and this! and this! and we ended up also taking home a large palm plant and what is basically a hibiscus tree. Evidently I have a lot of faith in my green thumb. Let's all cross our fingers it doesn't fail me.

I went home and immediately started rearranging the balcony to accommodate all the plants (and also, if you're wondering why the paint roller is there, decided to paint a few storage boxes I'd been meaning to because hey, if I was going to be crafty, I might as well go all out). This is where your ta-da! moment comes, right? Where I show you the beautiful green dream balcony I've been talking about since the beginning of the year? Well that's not quite what I ended up with (yet!), and here's why:

The seedlets, as I have decided to refer to them, are, to my dismay, not quite ready for replanting. We only planted them a week ago and despite the fact that they're growing much quicker than we expected, I was assured replanting them too soon would not be a good idea. They need to grow roots first or something like that. So I'll have to be patient, which I'm not great at being, especially when it comes to a craft project I want to do now, and settle for the loveliness of my Dream Green Garden-To-Be.

All photos by Natalie's iPhone

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