Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Hilarious Art Project for the Horror Movie Lover

So, Nicole and I are mildly obsessed with horror movies, we've admitted it. If you are, too (or hey, even if you aren't but have enjoyed a good stabfest once or twice in your life), I'm pretty sure you'll get as big a kick out of this photography project as I did. By photographer Federico Chiesa, it's a series of photographs imagining where movie villains are now--stabbings, shootings, and oh yeah, immortality later. I nearly died looking at them all, made even better when paired with the captions. So if you're not a horror movie fan, or if you're squeamish, forgive my indulgence and skip on to our next colorful post--I just couldn't resist! But if you are, check them out below. My favorite goes without saying:

"After being trapped for most of their ghostly eternity in the snow bound Overlook hotel, even the most mundane tasks are almost impossible for the terribly maladjusted Grady twins."

And my second favorite, due in large part to the oh-so-apropos caption (although honestly, it was hard to choose because they're all just too frickin good!):

"After surviving multiple machete wounds, axe blows, being buried alive, and a lightning strike, Jason Voorhees' crushing medical debt and inability to just lay down and die forces him into poverty and life on the streets."

Photography by Federico Chiesa, styling by Carolina Trotta, via ManMade DIY

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