Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inspired By...

...a simply stunning (not to mention gold!) hand-painted wall. That's right--hand-painted. It took the artist/home owner over a year to do, but the time was well worth it--the result is breathtaking. (Although based on her lovely cakes, this comes as really no surprise.)

Photo by Brenda Liu

...the prettiest, spring time-y gift wrapping I can imagine. And in perfect time for Mother's Day, am I right?

Photo & DIY by Stephanie

...Holly's stunning living room. The bookshelves! The colors! The photos! The pillows! I could go on and on... Oh how envious I am... (and how happy I am for Holly that the room is finally complete).

Photo by Holly Burns

...a swoon-worthy keyboard! Seeing as my computer is still out of commission (F and I have to share his lately, which he just loves, let me tell you), I'm tossing around the idea of getting a new one, and a Mac at that. If I did, I think this washi tape DIY keyboard would most definitely be in order.

Photo & DIY by Kira

...ridiculously cool geode street art. That also kind of looks like a gold-teeth-filled mouth coming out of the side of a building. Just awesome.

Photo by A Common Name

Image credits: Hand-painted wall by Ava Roth (in her home) via Design*Sponge | Bloom gift toppers by Stephmodo | Holly's living room for Nothing But Bonfires | DIY washi tape keyboard by Her New Leaf via Oh Hello Friend | Geode street art by A Common Name via Design for Mankind

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