Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My (Miami) Balcony Garden Update

In case you were wondering, that garden of mine that I almost planted is now officially planted and well in bloom!  I'm super excited (as if that comes as any surprise) even though Nicole has me worried that our seedlets may have been planted too close together to expect them all to survive. Still, I'm happy to say that the tomatoes are growing quickly, and I'm even going to have to prop them up this week to keep them from tilting over. The peppers are a bit more sluggish, and the parsley, well, I've all but lost faith in (growing parsley and cilantro is not my strong suit). But the basil at least has already yielded two crops! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen them; if not, I made pesto out of the first and am still figuring out what to do with the second batch. Okay, enough of that, here's a peek at it all (and at the orchid that refuses to die--and is even sprouting a third bloom today! Hurrah!).

Our happy tomato plants, sprouting away!

The peppers, growing at their own slower pace (if you're a gardener, will you tell me if I've planted them too close together, as Nicole has made me think? On second thought, don't tell me--I want to keep a little faith that these guys will yield me the spicy kick I need for my guacamole after all!).

Some very happy basil (pre-first harvest).

The rest of the blooming garden.

Now let's just hope the wave of summer-like humidity and rainstorms we've just gotten down here don't wipe any of them out before they have a chance to get bigger! (And thanks for indulging my wee balcony garden obsession. ;)

All photos by Natalie's trusty iPhone


  1. DO YOU LIVE RIGHT ON THE WATER LIKE THAT?? we must visit.. :D

  2. i do! not bad, huh? ;) and yes you do, wed love to have you 3 (and would fill you with so much good italian food...)!!