Monday, May 14, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

(Woohoo! An on-time post from me again! :)

The weekend started out at a swanky party (for a friend's company) on the top floor of one of the buildings in Potsdamer Platz. Now, I love the Sony Center and think it's pretty cool looking already from the ground. But from above? So much more awesome.

Life should always be this colorful

Looking festive | Fancy drink 

On Saturday we headed to Ku'damm (which was overrun by Dortmund fans getting themselves ready, aka drunk, for the soccer game that night) to run a few errands - Micha needed clothes (a task which he can accomplish in a sheer 10 minutes) and I took this as my cue to hit up one of my favorite craft stores, Idee. Because a girl can never have too much crepe paper...

Seeing that sign feels like the mothership is calling me home | Also, I need to buy this wire - please find a good reason for me to do so

And although I complain about soccer all the time (the constant barrage of hearing about it every single day a year drives me nuts when sports newscasters can't even mention hockey once!), I was more than a little excited to accompany Micha to the DFB Pokal final game on Saturday night. It helped that we were invited as VIPs...

VIP pre-game lounge

If you've never seen a soccer game in Germany, well, let me tell you it is quite the spectacle on a normal day. But at the final game for one of the German cups (I still have no idea why there are more than one of these but have learned not to belabor the point...), it's an atmosphere that can't be beat.

Bayern M√ľnchen fan curve

Dortmund fan curve

Opening ceremony

What happens when fans get a little overexcited

Celebrations (Dortmund won) - I want this kind of celebration for my next birthday, please

Sunday was spent at home recovering, lazing around, and catching up on some craft projects and series on Hulu.

We took an evening walk around the neighborhood to find a new place for dinner (unfortunately, we found a really not great one, but at least now we know!), but on our way we also found...

a cat perched precariously on his 3rd floor window ledge...

...a beautiful skyscape, and a tree that resembles a waving bear.

And how was your weekend?

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