Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

It wasn't actually a long weekend this weekend - a rarity for this May - and yet with a nonstop stream of visitors from Friday until today, it sure did feel like one!

Visit to the top of the Kreuzberg with Dawn and Jerrick (our gracious Glasgow hosts from two weeks ago!)

Kreuzberg waterfall | Crazy form to grow heart-shaped cucumbers in!
Boys will be boys

Photobombed in the chocolate store

Microbrewery in Charlottenburg - Dawn even got a Stein to take home as a souvenir

On top of the Siegessäule, one of my favorite views

Perhaps the best currywurst in the city (and no, not from Konnopke's or Curry 36, contrary to popular belief)

Andrea, Marie, and me at NKOTBSB

(I'm not feeling too big on words today, but I like to think our colorful pictures mostly speak for themselves.)

My pretend extended weekend consisted of showing our new friends from Glasgow a good time in Berlin - which included a whole-day tour of Kreuzberg, City West, and Mitte, with some stops for snacks and new tomato dirt (random much?) along the way; catching up with another friend, Marie, while she stayed with us and spoiled us with a yummy homemade Indian meal; and then attending a concert on Monday with Marie and Andrea that transported us right back to the '80s. I'm almost ashamed to admit how much fun I had there.

And even though our visitors are now, sadly, all gone, it doesn't mean the fun is ending anytime soon. Today I'm leaving work early to go paintballing aka team-building with a bunch of computer geeks aka my coworkers. Whether I'm a terrible or terrific paintballer remains to be seen (wish me luck!)...

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