Monday, May 21, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures {The Hive}

Even though I didn't get the full four-day weekend that most folks here in Germany took (Thursday was a holiday but I forgot to take Friday off...) (I know, it's a rough life), this weekend beyond a doubt kicked some major ass.

It consisted of two awesome things: The Hive (the first European blogger conference) and Mexican food. Need I say more?

The Hive participants getting ready to learn

The stylish (their mom made their outfits!) and ridiculously sweet sisters, Toni and Thea, of Sister Mag gave one of the best talks of the conference

Design Mom gave a great talk on the business of blogging

Scenes from a photography workshop with Fräulein Klein...

...who was rocking some seriously awesome shoes!

Hazel's so damn cute I just had to include two pictures of her. I have about 80 more. Ashley of Chasing Heartbeats is one lucky puppy momma.

A couple shots of the location, betahaus in Kreuzberg

Toni and Thea (in two more knock-out outfits made by their mother) with Lindsey of Lost in Cheeseland | my outfit twin, Doranna, and me

The Hive was truly so much more amazing than I expected it to be. And I expected a lot. Everyone I met was so sweet and genuine and friendly and and and... It was a great atmosphere with so many like-minded and creative people (there were even a few men there!) all chatting and meeting up and making friends in a great space. I can't believe it only lasted two days, it felt like I was there forever (in the best of ways)!

 But after it was all said and done, I was exhausted. And ready for...

Maria Bonita (ok, I didn't actually get tacos, but you get the idea)

Evening sunshine enjoyed with beers in Mauerpark

Homemade margaritas

There was a Hive party on Saturday night that resulted in four us ending up in gay bar in Kreuzberg and me getting home entirely too late (which I blame mostly on my oh-so-frustrating 14-minute wait for the U-bahn), so by the time Sunday evening rolled around, it was either get up and go somewhere or go straight to bed. We opted to bike over to Maria Bonita for some Mexican yummies (a rarity in Berlin, trust me) and then to enjoy the wonderfully warm temperatures with a couple beers in Mauerpark.

Mauerpark's always good for a laugh; this time we sat nearby an old man who called himself "Alahambra, world citizen and best joint-maker in the world." He relentlessly tried to teach two young guys near us how to make the perfect joint, much to their annoyance. But they did all end up getting high and giggly together, so yay for happy endings.

Mexican food gave Micha a craving for margaritas (I love when he gets random cravings like this because they're so rare), so we picked up a bunch of lemons and limes at a local Späti and I finally made some homemade sweet-sour mix using this recipe from Fashionably Bombed, which I've been meaning to do for forever. So so yummy. A perfect end to an unbelievable weekend.

I'll wrap up my thoughts on the conference and things I took away from it later this week but for now, happy Monday all! How was your weekend?

All photos by Nicole


  1. Thanks for the great recap. I just can't get enough of the weekend - difficult to get back into normal life :-)
    Many greetings, Toni

    1. I know what you mean! I wish the conference could have gone on this whole week too... Glad you liked the post, since I (clearly) really enjoyed your presentation!

  2. Looks like a great weekend, would have LOVED to join The Hive! And Mauerpark is the best for a good laugh, the karaoke actions never fails to make me happy :)

    1. Well, there's definitey going to be a The Hive 2013, so hopefully we'll see you there next year! And yeah, nothing beats Mauerpark karaoke on a warm Sunday afternoon, right? :D