Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Monday!

Since I didn't manage to make it over here on Friday, I thought I'd wish everyone a happy Monday and rest of the week. My friend Kathleen, the same Kathleen who was my buddy on the Croatia trip, came down to visit me for a long weekend from New York and I was uber-excited not only to see her (but of course), but also to have my first out-of-state visitor! Needless to say we had a lot of fun, a lot of beach time, and a lot of outdoor meals and cocktails. We even went jetskiing--my first time on my own jetski and not on the back of F's clinging to him for dear life--and I might just be hooked on that sport. She of course fell in love with the wee kittens and wanted to take Zuma back to her New York City studio with her, and let me tell you, after he woke me up by crawling on my face at 7:00am for the third day in a row, I almost let her! Anyway, she left yesterday (bye Kathleen! Come back soon!) and then F left today for a 2-week long business trip, so I should be back to regularly scheduled posting for a while.

Here's a photo of me eating dinner out of a dog bowl--yes, a dog bowl; you would not believe how much of a kick F got out of that one--from dinner one night with Kathleen, just in case you needed a good laugh this Monday. (No, I did not chose to eat dinner out of a dog bowl, nor did I lose a bet; this was at Barton G's, a restaurant where every dish comes with a "wow" factor. Like my dog bowl, or Kathleen's liquid nitrogen margarita with a Grand Marnier popsicle. (Side note, don't eat a Grand Marnier popsicle unless you want to get very drunk very fast.))

And here are some fun finds from last week:

Great advice for what to do with all those Instagram photos.

This paint chip table runner cracks me up. And I kind of want it.

Hand-carved stamps are the cutest!

Absolutely dying over these movie posters viewed from different angles.


  1. sometimes i look at pictures of you and i think OMG it's nicole with long hair oh WAIT. right. i sometimes forget you are twins...

    1. hahaha i love that people still do that :)