Friday, May 25, 2012

Desk Chair Makeover

There's something about a little piece of fabric that can do so much--like this little piece of fabric on our desk chair. Here, it can do so much to make me hate it (okay, I hate the chair too, but since it's really F's desk and he's the one who sits in the chair everyday, my argument that it's ugly to look at is trumped by his claims that it's "super comfortable" to sit in. So I've lost the battle of trying to replace it. So far.) So I finally did something to make me hate it a little bit less.

Happy desk area, sad ugly chair

After hours (literally--I'm very indecisive when it comes to these things) of fabric searching online, and hours more of Marimekko fabric-lusting online (whose price I could not, alas, justify; sigh by me), I narrowed my choices down to blue and white chevron patterns and chose this one on Etsy. That's right, cat-scratched, faded, and frighteningly floral desk chair cushion--I'm coming for you!

Out with the old (and floral) | In with the new (and striped)

After that, I found a staple gun buried in the back of what I call our scary closet (I had no idea we had a staple gun, or why, but have to admit I was overjoyed, since I'd already removed the chair cushion and the old fabric staples before realizing I needed one to complete my project), stapled away, and voila!--a chair I can live with! And even like to look at now. I love it when small projects make a big difference. And even more when they're easy to do.

Now that's a chair cushion I can get on board with

P.S. It's kitten approved:

All overdeveloped photos by Natalie's new iphone app, Camera+. Apologies, we're still learning how to work with each other. | Chevron fabric by BobbieLou Fabric available on Etsy

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