Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travel Thursdays: A Bit about LA

You may remember that a few weeks ago I was in LA on a short 4-day trip to visit our family (meaning four other Acrey women, and no Acrey men--unless you're counting the two fat cats, the chihuahua, and the blind Lhasa Apso). Every time I go back to LA these days I have a vastly different experience and spend time in vastly different areas. Sometimes I make it everywhere, from Orange County to Calabasas to downtown, trying out new restaurants, hitting lovely beaches, finding new outdoor spots to have a fruity cocktail. This time, though, I spent almost every second of my time in the Valley, where my fam lives and where Nicole and I grew up. I think the most exciting thing I did the whole time was go to three malls in one day. (And if you don't think that's exciting, you're definitely not from the Valley.)

But while the trip wasn't full of travel-related excitement, it was enjoyable to return home and spend long lazy nights with my family, reminisce with girlfriends over delicious Mexican meals, and finally meet my gramma's chihuahua ("His middle name is Satan," she tells me).

The kittens wanted to visit LA too | Topolino and I meet at last!


I arrived in LA at around 1:30pm on a Sunday, so Momma and I thought we'd spend the afternoon in Santa Monica walking around and having lunch, since it was nearby and "there shouldn't be traffic." That's the thing about LA I always forget until I'm back there--your every day is guided by proximity and traffic. Go to Santa Monica from the Valley at 3:30 on a Friday? No way. Or downtown from the Valley at all? Not a chance.

Santa Monica pier on a Sunday afternoon. "It's so crowded!" says Momma. "Why did we think it was a good idea to come on a Sunday?"

Three generations of Acrey... ...and too much laughter to take a successful picture

Rocco, Momma's fat fat cat. And to think I remember getting him from the shelter when he was the size of my palm...

When the majority of your lazy vacation days are spent in your mom's apartment, I'll tell you one thing you inevitably do--go through old photographs and smile at the memories or laugh your ass off at the 80s hair. Oh man, the 80s...between the MC Hammer pants I have photographic evidence of me rocking and the giant perms on my aunts', it's definitely the most photo-satisfying decade ever.

The Acrey ladies (and wee Nicole and me--your guess is as good as mine as to who's who) did 80s hair right | We were munchkins!

A rare Bob sighting (Momma's other fat cat, who lives under the bed. Always.)

And lest you believe I did nothing on this trip, I did, per Momma's 1 million email requests, help her organize and redecorate her apartment, if only a wee bit. Hence the three malls. And the Target trips. And...oh, you get the idea.

When in the Valley, do as the Valley girls do. And shop.

All photos by Natalie's iphone

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