Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Inspired By... ombré wall!! This is kind of blowing my mind right now and I'm secretly scheming up ways to convince Micha that we really need to repaint at least a wall in our apartment like this. Quick, what's the best way to bribe an über-patient dude who may have already used up all his house-painting patience with me over the last four years (we've already painted every room!)?

Design and photo by P.S. I made this! 

...the perfect twist on a ponytail that makes me long for long hair again.

Hair by Caroline Ventura, photo by Jamie Beck for A Cup of Jo envy-enducing, colorful, yet not too busy or overwhelming frame wall.

...summer cocktail perfection (I already tested out the recipe and it tastes even better than it looks!).

Recipe and photo by Smith & Ratliff

...a calming blue and white bedroom - what I aim for, though I worry I'm too cluttery a person for such minimalism. One day, Micha's minimalistic tendencies will win over, I hope...

 Design by Mark and Sally Bailey, photo by Debi Treloar for the book Handmade Home, Living with Art and Craft

...and finally, one of the most adorable couples of all time. I think I would have loved to be their best friend based on this excerpt from her book, My Life in France, “Valentine cards had become a tradition of ours, born of the fact that we could never get ourselves organized in time to send out Christmas cards.”

Photo by Julia Child, found in her book My Life in France

Photo credits: ombré wall by Erica Domesek of P.S. I made this! | Twisted ponytail by Caroline Ventura, photo by Jamie Beck for A Cup of Jo | Frame wall styled by Kendra Smoot, photo by Nicole Franzen for Little Green Notebook | Cocktail recipe and photo by Smith & Ratliff | Bedroom design bMark and Sally Bailey, photo by Debi Treloar for Handmade HomeLiving with Art and Craft via The House Mag, pinned by Joanna | Julia and Paul Child from her book My Life in France via Fabrications, pinned by Dawn


  1. omg sister, i want an ombre wall too! this may possibly be my new mission (and YOU could be MY painting buddy this time! ;)

    1. DO! IT! I could if you wait til February! I want one so badly too....